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Updated: Feb 1

Welcome to my first blog! This is a new odyssey for me as is my first novel Beyond Sudden Death. Writing a fiction novel is one of the most challenging projects I've undertaken. But I had to do it.

There's a powerful message in it for everyone, especially those who are seeking God but haven't found Him. Perhaps they've been burnt by a false religion and don't know what is true anymore. Or, they're having a tough time getting past evolutionary theory.

Beyond Sudden Death is true-to-life and is based on the experiences of numerous people. It's the result of hundreds of hours of research. References are included to allow skeptical readers or curious minds to verify the facts.

I enjoy suspense and drama that's unpredictable with many surprises. Beyond Sudden Death is written with these key elements. Readers will be the true judge of that.

My goal is that countless people will read the novel and benefit from it. I didn't spend years working on it to make money. My reward will be changed lives. Transformed lives with purpose and meaning and, above all, a rock-steady faith in God.

I also believe that every Christian teenager should read Beyond Sudden Death. It will bolster their faith or show tentative believers the way to eternal life. I would be thrilled to see it on the reading list at Christian high schools.

Beyond Sudden Death is in its final stage before it will be submitted to literary agents and book publishers. I prefer not to publish the book myself. Traditional publishers are adept at reaching more readers through reliable channels.

I'd be happy to let you know when the book is available. The more interest in the book, the greater the chance you'll see it in print or as an eBook. Please tell your friends. Publishers like big numbers!

To register your interest, go to Please Notify Me on this website.

Thank you for dropping by. I appreciate your interest and support.



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